Travis Noles

Videography And Video Production


About Me

Im a graduate of the Art Institute Of Portland in their film program. I have a bachelor of fine arts degree in digital film and video and am looking forward to finally working in the field that I am incredibly passionate about.

All areas of film production are fascinating to me; especially working with the camera and filming the production. My time at the school has provided me with a vast amount of experience working on other people’s projects. The diversity of the projects has been a great learning experience for me. It has helped me in understanding that each story is unique, requiring a precise vision that reflects that. These projects have proven to  both my comrades and myself that I can adapt to any environment and fully complete any task that is presented.

Out of all the graduates from this school I feel that I stand out from the vast majority. This is reflected in the details of the work I have accomplished and the time spent on the minutest detail. This is also reflected in my ability to balance a full time school schedule with a full time job, a further example of my passion for my area of study. I am looking forward to any opportunities that arise for me to work in something I enjoy doing so very much. Above all, I look forward to meeting others that enjoy it as much as I do, working together to make a precise vision a reality.